Allergisch voor melk, ook moedermelk!

inhalator BabyI am very happy and grateful that I took my baby daughter, Toni, to see Jolande. She underwent Jolande’s Total reset treatment and she is not allergic to milk anymore. She became or was born allergic to milk, including mine. This was heart breaking for me. Toni was put in a hypoallergenic milk by the pediatrician, which allowed her to grow normally. We found out that there is milk allergy in my husband’s family and that some of Toni’s cousins have not yet overcome their allergies as toddlers and young children. Toni is now officially not allergic to milk at her young age of 8 months. The pediatrician informed us that her allergy is gone after specialized tests conducted. I believe that the treatment of Jolande has been a catalyst of Toni’s new reality. I have also decided to treat myself since after Toni’s birth my health got deteriorared. I feel that this treatment is helping me get back on track. I believe Total Reset is a great assessing, guiding and complementary healing treatment to many conditions.


Laura Nino