Multiple Allergies

In 2007 I went to the doctor, then the hospital and the specialist, for allergies. They said that the only ‘remedy’ was not to come in contact with problem items and then sent me to a nutritionist who eliminated almost everything from my diet. I was to reintroduce one item at a time, once a week. This was slow, frustrating and was trial and error as to what my body reacted to (green apples are ok, red are not??). Instead of being a cure, this process wore me down. In tears one day I looked for alternatives – Chinese medicine, naturalist, anything! I didn’t believe in the alternatives, but I felt out of options.

I began the NAET treatment quite skeptically. By the third treatment, I didn’t know if it was helping, but against all logic it was doing something! Each week Jolande did the exact same thing, and yet every week I had a very different physical reaction. I realized that if this was possible, maybe NAET might actually be helping…

The process was still long, but it helps. My boyfriend and boss noticed I was sick less, I personally felt more energy and an incredible list of symptoms (which I had not attributed to allergies) disappeared! Eczema, night sweats, cold hands and feet, dizziness, metal taste in my mouth, head rushes, ‘blood sugar dips’, all were gone!

I highly recommend NAET, and of course Jolanda. She can pinpoint the problems and actually cure allergies! Now I’m only wondering why it took me so long to search out alternative allergy treatments…

Andrea Lemire
February 24th, 2009